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Fitness Tracker Tips

Fitness Trackers: Get To Know About Fitbit Smartwatch


Fitbit is one of the leaders in a hip, cool, stylish, and elegant smartwatches in the world, offering new models every time. Let's learn more about the different Fitbit models available today. The most basic fitness tracker is the Fitbit Zip that comes with a clip-on fastener to be attached to your belt, clothing, or bra, monitoring steps, calories burned, distance, and including active minutes. The unique feature of this Fitbit model os the smiley-face display (becomes larger as you become active).


Fitbit One is somehow similar to the zip but with more features such as the sleep monitor. Its unique feature includes a special wristband that can be worn or attached during sleep for sleep monitoring. The battery type is rechargeable and can last for up to ten days. Fitbit Flex 2 has great versatility over other fitness trackers when it comes to the appearance and flexibility, with a detachable tracker that can be worn with accessories like jewelry or designer wristbands. It has 5-LED dot display, lighting up when you have reached the additional twenty percent of your everyday activity fitness goal, and it is waterproof at the same time, allowing tracking swimming as part of your exercise. Check this site!


Fitbit Alta has more features than Flex 2 such as an alert system that gives a reminder for you to stay active, and the capability to automatically log your statistics and exercises to your Fitbit account, in addition to the basic monitoring activities and statistics. The smartphone alerts are really great that can be viewed on the OLED tap screen. It provides positive feedback, encouraging you to be active in order to meet your fitness goals. It has excellent customizability that can be worn with leather and metal wristbands, and with various clock faces with either vertical or horizontal orientation. On the other hand, the Fitbit Charge 2 has a heart rate monitor and a caller ID, as well as an auto-logging feature, read more here!


If your Fitbit bands are worn out or damaged, there are many replacement bands available on the market today that come with different colors, styles, and materials you can choose from. Find the right solid color for your rugged look, or be funky and trendy with stylish designs like floral or heart designs. Also, avail of fitness trackers accessories and replacement kits through Mobile Mob, come and check them out by visiting their homepage or website today, and read more about Fitbit! Be sure to check out this website at and learn more about fitness.